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Find out about the Technical Specifications of our Storage VPS

KVM-based virtualization

KVM virtualization enables provisioning of VPS based on independent dedicated resources with near-physical server characteristics and the same management and configuration principles.

Powerful hardware

Servers are powered by multi-core (14 cores / 28 threads) Intel Xeon Gold 6132 processors. We pack 768 GB RAM into each node along with dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.

Customizable Linux kernel

Whenever you need to add or remove a module from your Linux kernel, you can easily do that! Completely separate from the node, Linux VPS kernel allows you to do more than any other VPS.

Secure storage

Our VPS is designed with data security in mind. We use only enterprise-class server hardware and components. Have no doubt that your data on RAID enabled storage array is safe with us.

Essential features Included with all VPS at no extra cost!

Easy and fast service management merged with secure and scalable infrastructure

Power Options

You can Boot,Shutdown,Reboot your VPS Servers from your Control Panel in Single Click


Reinstall Your VPS Servers from your control Panel in Single click with chose of OS


All our Node's are connected with 1 GBPS Network Port which offers amazing speed for your VPS

DDOS Protection

We offer 2 GBPS Of Protection for your VPS Servers which included with Your Plan.Stay Protection from DDOS

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Our Service.

We designed Storage VPS to reliably hold a huge amount of data. This setup will serve you best if it’s used to store compressed data archives or backups.

CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian..

Here at Hostweby we use OpenVZ virtualization for Storage VPS.

We reduce your server port speed 10 times until the new month starts. No worries, we won’t charge any extra fees or suspend your services.

OpenVZ Storage VPS runs with the latest stable 2.6.32.x Linux kernel version.

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